Tirana Last Mile
 – AutoYou is constructing a model which implements Electric Vehicles in the urban cities by connecting interactions between technological performance, infrastructure building and consumer behavior in different spatial and temporal scales in one system.

This is achieved by correlating the need for transportation (Tirana  Last Mile) and charging infrastucture EAL – Electrify   Albania.

TLM starts the EV interaction through the taxi industry in the urban areas, such as Tirana.

This project can be implemented in most Eastern Europe cities and every urban area with the following parameters:

  • Population more than 1 million
  • Lack of access to quality public transportation
  • Radius of urban area 5-15 km


The project’s purpose is to replace 80% of ICE AGE cars with Electric Vehicles in taxi business thus providing benefits like:

  • Solving  transportation problems caused by lack of critical information
  • Increased efficiency do to cloud integration between the customer and driver
  • Decrease pollution in crowded cities
  • Increase revenue in the taxi service
  • Decrease taxi price
  • Cargo services for door to door deliveries
  • Create totally new ways of delivery probabilities while reducing costs.
  • Increase the number of available parking spaces.
  • Create the possibility for electric bike sharing system and many other types of electric transportation.


The system offers the best possibilities to support lateral structures related with:

  • ‘IoT ‘ (Internet of Things),
  • ‘M2M’ (Machine to Machine)    and
  • ‘System of Systems’.


2 – An essential part of this project is the ‘Saytaxi’ app; A well-known smartphone application that can be downloaded from both Play  Store  and App  Store . Within the app, the clients (passengers) can book a taxi and before they make the order they can control information such as the driver’s name, picture, the type of car, plate number, time of arrival, ratings from previous clients etc.

The app increases the efficiency of the drivers by operating on cloud

* Normally taxi drivers invoice only 20% of their traveled kilometers (from actual statistics). Private Taxi drivers invoice only 10%. A taxi service company fleet with 40 cars can invoice only up to 30%. A taxi service company should have at least 50 cars to invoice more than 50%. Within the app a private taxi driver could invoice up to 80% of their traveled kilometers.

The applied platform created by our partners – TaxiStartup, is able to support completely several city services such as:

  • Ambulance
  • Non-Emergency Medical Transportation
  • School bus
  • Firefighters
  • Garbage truck
  • City cleaning
  • Bus service


For marketing and administration purposes, the system enables the organization of one or more passengers through coupons, referrals or fixed trips. The system includes: on-cloud services that meet nowadays Government’s Requirements, pre-reservation feature, fully integrated payments and IoT automation.


3 – We have chosen the EV’s alternative by evaluating the most common benefits they have:

  • Decrease by ten (10) times the cost of fuel
  • Decrease depreciation by 50%, compared with ICE AGE vehicles
  • Decrease maintenance cost up to 40-50% per kilometer
  • Reduce pollution issues
  • Double the employment rate in the taxi sector
  • Pave the way for multimode transportation types
  • Increase usage of taxi service (for the applied area)