The goal of the project is to decarbonisate the transport in UK.
The project consist in, studying the actual mobility market in a given area and put
together EV supplier, Charging Operators, Fleet Managers, Financing institutions,
Drafting projects for Decarbonisation of actual operations without or with very low
initial investments.

The goal of the project London Last Mile it is to speed the transition of automotive
industry from ICE to EV.
London Last Mile staff, not only prepare some written paper and projects in power-point but, it is able to provide full solutions to costumer interested in implementing EV technology in their transport operations.
Our staff has more than 20 years experience in automotive industry, IOT technology, Leasing operations, and much more services related with transportation.
After completing with success the project Tirana last mile our team had move to UK in order to enlarge the portfolio of our group with more services in electromobility field.
Automotive industry is changing rapidly in regards to clean and efficient mobility transportation.
Electric car is more than 100 years old, even though diverted or misused. EV is here to stay.
Do not let your self behind by ignoring this technology.
You are a personal car user, professional driver or a fleet manager we have a solution for any kinds of needs.
please give us a call +447365694967 or mail we will be more than happy to assist you in these transitions no matter if you are purchasing or not any product to us, we feel the obligation as a citizen of the world not only to help individuals and companies understand the profitability of these technology but also assist you in building electromobility project of any size from scratch. Our consultancy will help you to profit from a variety of technologies to decarbonise commercial road transport segments, with solutions varying according to the type, size and usage of vehicles, as well as the size and purpose of fleets. Electrification is emerging and we are here to support your company to be funded by different governmental grants available for decarbonisation of transport in UK.
Now that, you know electrification of transport is possible, it is your responsibility not to rub from your children’s future.
Florian Voko
London Last Mile